• Tuesday, September 09th, 2008

Where's the Stuff?

Thanks for stopping by to have a look at my page…it *WILL* get better, I promise.

When I sold my share of the Iowa based Web Design and Hosting business and relocated to Austin in June 2007, nearly everything on my site immediately became irrelevant. Rather than spend a lot of time re-working what I had, I put the site on a much needed hiatus.

About a month or so ago I decided it was time to get back online. Rather than hand crafting all new pages, I thought I would give the “blogging thing” a whirl.

I selected software I liked (BlogCFC), chose a host (Host Department) and was off and running (OK walking, but briskly). It wasn’t long before I realized the software and my host did not get along very well, and since the host was CHEAP and I hadn’t invested much time in the software, I changed software. One of my Twitter pals recommended MangoBlog, it looked like just what I needed, and was ColdFusion based, which is a plus for me. A few days later I once again discovered that the host and the software did not get along. As that was now two strikes for the host, I found a new one (HosTek). Fast forward a few weeks and I have learned a bit more about blogging and about the software I selected. I am learning that Mango it is not quite ready for prime-time. So…you guessed it. I switched software.

By now I have figured out that there are only a few really good choices for running a blog on your own server. I opted to use WordPress. With it’s world-wide adoption and literally thousands of extensions, this one had better work out. If not, I may go back on web-hiatus again.

This is where it gets UGLY. Somewhere in the process of moving Mango out and moving WordPress in, I managed to destroy the database holding all of my posts. As I am a back-up fanatic, I remained calm and muttered a quit prayer to St. Isadore.

Sweat begins to form

Sweat begins to form

A few mouse clicks later, a small bead of sweat began to form on my brow as I realized I had forgotten a rather important step in the back up process. I never verified the data was good. Murphy had gotten me, my data was useless.

Thanks to my new host also having a back up, I was able to get at least some of my content back. Hooray!

So…to make a long story longer, I will be adding my stories from the Navy, my dinner recipes, lunch time reviews and an occasional geek rant back up, but you will just have to be a little patient. Hopefully it’ll be worth your while.

In the mean time, be excellent to each other,


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