• Thursday, October 02nd, 2008

Being a new Texan, I was just called out by Kate Morris to make sure I was registered to vote; Yes, Kate, I am.  I hate to use the “I’m a Vet” card, but – I am one.  I didn’t serve 10 years in the Navy, protecting and preserving our freedoms, only to ignore one of our most basic, and in my opinion most important duties, voting. You must vote.

Check out this great video, it’s not only entertaining – it’s informative too.  A double whammy for ya today.

Like a chain letter, I feel the need to pass it forward;  folks, you’ve been called out, are you registered?

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    Jay Ehret  //

    Jack, I am registered. Passing the link on to five friends…at least. Jonah Hill was hilarious.

  2. 2
    GeekMommy  //

    I’ve been a registered voter since 1984! I take my civic responsibilities and privileges very seriously.

    Just because I avoid things like watching people bicker back and forth on social media forums doesn’t mean I don’t fully understand what it means to be a member of a “free” society.

    In fact, I didn’t just come to my politics during this election as so many of our countrymen have. I’ve a pretty extensive knowledge of our political system, our political history, and Constitutional Law. And not just our system – but others as well.

    Will I vote? Damn straight. But will it be based on knee-jerk reactions to political ads, or pithy soundbites as offered by those opining on the internet in public forums? Nope.

    I do my homework. I research the candidates – their past performance, their stated positions, their personal demeanor, and whether or not I believe any of the hype that their PR flacks are generating.

    I haven’t watched the video (will after I comment) but obviously, the right to vote – and more than that, the responsibility to vote as an informed, educated, and thoughtful citizen – is something I’m quite passionate about.

    Oh, and yeah, my husband is a Vet too. But that’s not why I vote. It is one of the reasons he does though. That, and his Bachelors in PoliSci. ;)

  3. Absolutely registered! And NC is a swing state this time, which is especially exciting.

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    Alex Hill  //

    I just saw the call out today, wish I had seen it a few weeks ago.

    Am I registered? Ya betchya! I”m even a deputy registrar for Williamson County and helped register other people!

    I think these are serious times, and this is likely to be the most important election for the next 25 years. In fact, I’ve gotten involved in local politics over the course of the last year because I think it’s so serious.

    Thanks for the passing along the video, will have to share it.

  5. 5
    Manda Otto  //

    Yup. Done. and did.