What Twitter Name Should Jack Use?

I started using Twitter a few months ago while doing research for a company project and quickly became  addicted.  It was not long before I started contributing regularly, following others and being followed.  All good.

When I signed up, I used “web_guy,” a nick-name I was given years ago and have used on various sites and projects.  At the time I was not concerned with the “genericness” of it because I actually wanted to be an unknown.  However, since then I have become much more active.  Not only on Twitter, but also here and a few other sites.

My plan is to move back to New England, preferably Maine, sometime in the next 6-10 years.  It seems fairly obvious to me that the odds of getting a “Wow!” job offer would be improved if people new me, knew my name.  It is after all my “brand.”  If you Google “Jack Leblond,”  most of the top results are actually me.  However, if you Google “web_guy,” only a few of the results are for me.  (That may have just answered the question for me)

So, what do you think I should do on Twitter?

Should I;

  1. Stick with what I have built and continue to use “web_guy” or
  2. Pull a “longhornkate” and change it to my real name?

UPDATE:  I changed my Twitter name

If you are new to Twitter, you may want to look at So you’ve decided to join Twitter…now what?

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