• Thursday, March 06th, 2014

Part 13 – We survived the “ditch” and have joined the pacific fleet.  As we near the equator, much of the crew is getting nervous thinking about the shellback ceremonies.  A few of us are not so worried though. Having recently experienced the blue nose ceremony, we know there is nothing they can do to us that is anywhere near as bad as that.  Plus, the skipper was a wog, so they couldn’t get too carried away.

Our group presses on, with a southerly course, heading for the zero degree latitude mark – the equator – home of the shellbacks to the south and the wogs to the north.  Many of our clan fear the wrath of the royal court, but a select few have faced Neptunus Rex before, only in a different court – a much colder court. As the fateful day arrived, we accelerated to all ahead full and leaped over the sacred shellback boundary.  Before too long all had paid homage to the royal baby and all that remained was to clean up the courtroom, a major feat all in its own.  To commemorate the occasion, the wogs wrote this poem:

The royal prosecutor is Weaver
we know that is true
by the way he looks so pretty
all colored in blue

Doc Heyl as we know, is the royal physician
but by the way he blows skin flute
shouldn’t he be called a musician

The royal scribe is Fogarty
the pride of the deep
many live in fear of him
all cows, and goats and of course the sheep

The barber we’ve seen
come up through the ranks
but when this admiral speaks
he only shoots blanks

Barnet is the baby
but where can he sleep
a crib could hardly hold
his whale of a cheek

The shellbacks are scummy
the deep to them calls
they’re daughters of Neptune
they have no balls

How few are the shellbacks
like a small pack of dogs
they wont stand a chance
against the might of us wogs

We may be underdogs
but only for a day
for sure it wont last
King wog will have his way!

King wog leaps the equator

King wog leaps the equator


Part 14 – The Admiral departs….coming soon

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