• Friday, October 16th, 2009

If you don’t ever look at the web interface, you may have not noticed something new that Twitter is trying out.  Lists – something we have all been doing in various API clients for a while now.  Below are a few screen shots of what I see from within my account as I create a new set of lists.

Twitter home screenIn the screen above we see the beta announcement from Twitter and the new “lists” indicator located next to our follower/following counts.

List display

Above we see how lists are displayed (after creation), along with the link to create a new list.

Create a listWhen you click on the new list link, you see the screen above.  You get to name the list and select whether it is public or private.

After create listAfter creating a list, you are told to go to your following page to add members to the list.

Add_to_list_1Here we see the new “lists” selection box.

Add to listClicking the lists box shows the lists you have created and allows you to add a person to one or more of them.

what listsClicking the lists count from your profile shows what lists you are on and what lists you subscribed to.

Since many of us have been using tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite specifically because of these features, this is LONG overdue.  But is it too little, too late?  Will this feature be incorporated into the APIs, making it easier for the 3rd party tools to use them?

Is this an attempt by Twitter to get more eyes back on the web interface – are the ads we keep hearing rumors about soon to come?

What do you think of this feature?

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  1. Hey man. Sending this from a Mobile. thanks! very helpful post!! like the template btw ;)