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• Friday, March 01st, 2013

All in one seo pack - the swiss army knif of SEOYou want your WordPress powered site to rank well, right? Like most site owners you have probably read dozens of blogs, and more “Top 10 SEO tips for WordPress”, or perhaps “Must Have WordPress Plugins” posts than you care to remember. The only problem is that many of these articles just say you have to install the plugins, not how to use them. I’ll admit that I am as much at fault as anyone else. Here’s the problem; while some plugins require little or no configuration, and even less on-going attention – All in one SEO pack is not one of them. Miss a check box or ignore a field and you could be doing more harm than good – your site rankings could drop faster than Wile E. Coyote holding an Acme umbrella.

This post will be updated from time-to-time when there are significant updates to the plugin. Items that are new to this post will be bolded. Additionally, I’ll mark items that could be detrimental to your rankings with a caution sign.

Updated on 3/1/2013 – The version currently being covered is

Update: 1/23/2015 – This article is no longer being updated.  It still provides a good reference for many of the settings, but is not all-inclusive.

• Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Your site needs good structure and a delicate balance of code and content.  It needs tools and services that make it easier for the search engines to find you, and therefore easier for people to find you. You need tools that encourage your readers to spread the word about you, and to come back and visit again and again. That’s where WordPress plugins for SEO come in.

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