• Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Part Nine – On our way around to Pearl we expected to stop at all kinds of great places.  We did not expect Curacao.  It’s a lot like a studio movie lot.  If you are on the pier where cruise ships dock – wow, gorgeous.  If you are on the pier where nuclear Submarines dock….Um, what’s the smell?  Our recreation officer feared a mutiny if something wasn’t done quickly, so he arranged a trip to a lake that rented sail boats and other “fun stuff”.  Not all of us know how to sail.  I’ll leave it at that.  I will say I think the “incident” may have been Karma biting somebody in the butt for giving driving random directions while nearly passed-out in the back seat of a moving car.   You know who you are.

Unbelievably our heroes make it safely to the gem of the Caribbean, Curacao. Pulling up to the pier, our heroes are momentarily confused, but are told that the island is indeed a Dutch Pleasure Isle and not Trenton New Jersey! Well, more drinking ensued and around the third day , our heroes decide to put to sea, but this time under sail.

Bob is NOT a sailboat sailor

Bob is NOT a sailboat sailor

Part 10 – No trade with Russians

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