• Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Part eight – Understandably, any fire is bad.  But a fire on a Submarine is VERY bad.  And, if that fire is in the area of the boat that helps us know where we are…well, you get the idea.  When Sonar guys think that’s the case – we move fast to fight it.

And so our saga continues, with our clan traveling merrily along still swelled with pride from their recent victories over the infamous mark 30 targets. When suddenly in less time than it takes a sonar man to hit the rack – they are engulfed in smoke and the word was passed “fire in the sacred CSES.” The first thought of all was – NO! not before a liberty port! But two of the group, quick to react with no worry of life or limb rush to combat the casualty. Knowing that at any minute they could be “OVER COME” by SMOKE! Then they discover there is NO FIRE, it was just the cooks destroying another meal… And it was back to normal again.

Fire in the equipment space

Fire in the equipment space

Part 9 – Bob is NOT a sailor

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