• Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Part seven – We survived the port call, just barely.  Our top guy was still suffering from all of his “fun”, and missed the morning muster.  Thankfully, we were just so good at our jobs that even hungover we managed to hit most of of target during weapons tests.

It was the day after the big port call and all was well with the off-going duty section personnel. All the boys who went out the night before weren’t hating life, just wondering if they should continue with life at all. The oncoming duty section was mustered in control except for the Admiral who forgot to put in a wake up call.

Well the big day finally comes, our heroes defy the odds and despite having to work with the Admiral (who by his own admission is the only person in the division who does anything right) the boys pull off admirable an feat, three out of five hits.

The Admiral has to do everything

Part 8 – Fire in the sonar equipment space

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