• Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Part 11 – We have no idea how, but we manage to have a major piece of our sonar gear fall off the ship.  We joke that it was somebody from the Russian ship.  It does make for an exciting few minutes as water rushes in the hole where the equipment used to be – but we survive to fight another day.

And so our saga continues, our little band traveling along hard, fast and deep. The Admirals eyes wide with anticipations, for we all know, we would have only a mere 11 seconds to react to an all out frontal assault, but somehow – something slipped the watchful eyes of the rotund one. For as the rest of us lay nestled in our beds, someone or something (communist we are convinced) snuck up behind us and slipped away with the entire towed array.

What's That Noise?


Ah, comrade we steal towed array

Ah, comrade we steal towed array

Good-bye towed array

Good-bye towed array

Part 12 – The Panama Canal

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    PromptCritical  //

    Huh. We lost the Towed array for a few days back around 2002. Turns out it was there the whole time. That pesky ballast tank camera has a VCR on it and the ST was watching the tape recorded before the array was installed. COB got very upset when someone left a couple of cups connected by string in crews mess labeled “Towed Array”.