• Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Part Ten – We are still in Curacao, a Russian freighter was docked on the same pier as us – who thought that would work?  A couple brave soles mustered the courage to visit the Russian ship and swap some gear.  Too bad for them that the top-side watch on our boat that night was a bit over-zealous and turned them in when they returned.

Underway once again, our heroes suspect traitors aboard their lustrous boat. It was brought to the attention of our heroes that certain crew member gave away the holy ball cap of omniscience to representatives of the evil empire. In return, these crew members tried to smuggle the banner of ultimate evil on board in an attempt to stray our heroes from their valorous mission. Fortunately our heroes foil the plot of the dastardly crew members and plan their punishment for another day.

Helena boys trade caps for flags

Helena boys trade caps for flags

Part 11 – Good bye towed array

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    cecil rickman  //

    Hi Jack Love the story! I may have taught you in Sonar “A” school, 90-93 time frame. I spent 23 years playing those games and loved every minute of it. Every “shack” had a book, the best one I ever was a part of was SSN-710 Uss Augusta’s I’d love to see that book today Cheers