• Wednesday, October 08th, 2008

Everyone has heard that Internet video can be a powerful tool for creating sticky web sites. Until recently though, video has been out of reach to the average “webmaster.”  With the increased availability of high-speed Internet access, and the rapidly decreasing costs of equipment and technology, that has changed.  Really good video is now being created not just by professional videographers, but by everyone from soccer moms (and players) to CEOs. They all know that video is one of the best ways to improve the engagement level (A.K.A. “stickiness”) of their web site. Regardless of whether you are selling homes, cars or blenders on your Web site video tours and product demonstrations attract and retain visitors.

Stop over to to read my article about the best way to ensure your videos get found, and remembered after being watched.

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  1. I’ve found video to be extremely effective in getting search results, on my and on and I’m doing a series of video interviews with Austin tweeters, seo folks (like Bill Leake), and it helps both me – and them – with great search results. @springnet on twitter – one of your followers

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    Steve Buckley  //

    Yes optimizing your video for the internet can give you a great response, but l do not know what seo company does it.

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    Jack Leblond  //

    There are many, many companies that will assist with optimizing your video content and the pages it’s included on. You might want to contact ArteWorks SEO, they have award winning Video SEO services.