• Monday, September 08th, 2008

The secret is out, I’ve been asked to join Lani Anglin-Rosales, Benn Rosales and all the other great contributors at the award winning, real estate blog,

Lani and I chatted about it for a while and I continued to be hesitant.  I don’t see myself as an “expert”, I’m just a regular guy that does geeky things for a living…and enjoys it.  However, after meeting with Lani and Benn over coffee, I was convinced that they might just be crazy enough to let me do this.  Lani sealed the deal when she told me how much it paid, there was no turning back (Anybody know where I can cash a check made out for “zero-thousand-dollars?”).

I don’t have a set plan for everything I’ll be posting, but mostly I hope be help agents to better understand the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, Web site design and general geeky things.

Please be sure to stop over and say hello.

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One Response

  1. Jack, we are SO lucky to have you. Your check’s in the mail ;)