• Tuesday, September 09th, 2008

During a family vacation to Maine my oldest daughter, who is a bit of a dare-devil, somehow convinced me to get on this ride with her. Needless to say, I regretted that decision almost as soon as I was strapped in.  As the ride comes to a stop, a mere 47 hours after it began, you can see me wipe what can only be tears of joy from my face. Suffice to say, this may have been the LONGEST two minutes of my life.

The shrieks of joy and laughter are from my parents and other daughter enjoying my obvious discomfort. Isn’t family wonderful?

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    Gayle  //

    Jackie …. Jackie … Jackie …. All I saw were LEGS … and knew it had to be you! .. hahaha.. You really shouldn’t drink when you have the kids, dude…. LOL … Too funny!.. I would have paid good money to be standin’ there when you got off that particular ride! .. LOL..

    Hugs, my friend! ..

    Love ya!