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The Whois app, from Network Solutions is a tremendous disappointment.  Since this app is from the original registration capany, and arguably still THE  “brand name” of domain registrations, I had really expected a very attractive, smooth interface, and a stellar backend that would let me log in to my account and register names or manage my account.  Alas, the app has none of that.

As you can see in the shots above, the opening screen is very bland.  If a domain is taken, the app just dumps all of the whois data on the screen.  If a domain is available, you get the same bland screen with the massge “this domain is available for purchase!”.  I gues the developer thought the included exclamation point was enogh excitement for one application.  Also, if the domain is available there is button labeled “Purchase Domain”.  Sadly, pressing this button just takes you to the network solutions web site.  It does at least pass the domain along as part of the URL variables so you are one step along in the process.

Cost: Free

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