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Network Utility is handy for sleuthing out several network related bits of information about your, or more likely, your competitors Web site.  after entering the domain you wish to check on, you have four menu options;

  1. Ping
    Pings the domain, returns the IP address and the ping results.
  2. Scan TCP/IP Ports
    I’m stuck for a legitimate reason that someone would want to scan ports on a web server.  If you feel the need, use this with extreme caution.  Port Scanning is a hacker technique and will likely get you blocked and reported to authorities.
  3. GeoIP Lookup
    Reports back (when possible) the geographic location of the web server.  Not all service providers support this, so finding the location of the all servers is not guaranteed.
  4. Whois Lookup
    Returns the whois data from a query

The app will also provide you with your current local and global IP address assignments.

Cost: $0.99

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