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This app is not quite as useful as I suspect its developers had intended.  It is nice that it gives you an approximate ranking for the search term, but it only shows results for Google.  While Goggle has much of the search traffic, it does not have all of it.  It seems an obvious point, but it’s worth noting that there are 10 places on page 1, and a big difference in click-thrus and revenue between those 10 places.

When iSEO displays what it calls “inlinks”, it does not say where it gathers the information from.  I assume it’s from Yahoo, but nowhere does the app actually say where for sure.  It would be very helpful if more information about the links was provided.  If the link data is coming from Yahoo, the additional info is also there.

iSEO has a section it calls “directories”.  The description of what this is supposed to be is unclear, and nothing displays anyway.

Cost: Free

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