• Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, this is not SEO, marketing or anything even close. Tough – it’s my web site, I’ll post what I want and you’ll read it…and you’ll like it, you hear me? Wow, kinda sound like Mom and Dad there.

This is an e-mail I received from my parents today – I just had to share it. They are pretty amazing people, I can only hope that I mean as much to my children as my parents mean to me.

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 45 years. When you’re young you can’t wait to get older, now you don’t know where all that time has gone. You think of the good things, like seeing your face when we went into Disney world the first time, and wish there had been more, you think of the bad things and wish had been fewer, I guess it all evens out in the long run, just know we love you very much and wish you all the happiness possible, I love you very much, Dad

I’ve been thinking of you more than usual this week – counting the days down to the 25th.  I am so happy that you will have a nice birthday this year.  I tried to say that in the card that we sent but I’m sure I didn’t say it very well.  We were so sad to learn that there were many years when your birthday went unnoticed.  That happened to me once and I was devastated so I can’t imagine how awful it must have been to have it happen to you year after year. It was wonderful to celebrate your birthday with you last year – wish we could do it more often.  I’m sure you know it but I will tell you anyway – we never ever forget you on your birthday.  I always think of the first time I saw you in that little hospital crib.  The nurses tried to wheel you out to the nursery but I grabbed on to the crib and would not let them take it until I had time to check you out – I counted all of your fingers and all of your toes.  Dad remembers that when the doctor came out to tell him that you were a boy, the first thing the doctor did was to reach into his shirt pocket and take out a cigarette! Boy, how times have changed.  Grammie and Grampa Bragdon were there with Dad waiting for you to make your appearance.  By the time that Grampa and Grammie Leblond got there, you had started to look a little bit Chinese due to the jaundice but even so, everyone agreed that you were the most beautiful baby.  So many memories.

We are very proud of you and are so very happy that you are happy now and also, hope you understand this comment, we are grateful that you are appreciated.

We’ll call you Thursday. I love you very much, Mom

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad – I love you guys.

Now somebody pass me a tissue.

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2 Responses

  1. 1
    Sherry  //

    Every time I read this I cry- you have the most amazing parents , they love you so much and so glad they are now part of my life too.

    Happy Birthday Jack- I love you!!

  2. 2
    Paula  //

    Oh God, I cried too and I don’t even know any of you!

    I’m so glad you’re all so happy … oh and I love your blog Jack :)