• Wednesday, April 08th, 2009

Too many are affected

Many of us have been touched in some way by Cancer. According to the American Cancer Society’s 2008 Cancer Facts sheet, there were 1,437,180 new Cancer cases diagnosed in 2008 and it took the lives of 565,650 people – and that’s just in the United States. Nearly 8 Million people worldwide died from cancer in 2007. In “developed” nations cancer is second only to heart disease in it’s mortality rate.

My Cancer connectionSherry and Mom

My fiancée wife, Sherry lost her Dad to cancer just a few years ago, and today her Mom is battling it. A battle she will probably lose. lost her Mom in May, 2009. We have lost neighbors, long-time family friends and coworkers over the years. My Aunt and her husband have both been diagnosed with Cancer, and sadly it does not look good for them.

Relay for Life

Colton SuttonHere is an opportunity for you to help put an end to this tragic disease. My 7 year old, soon-to-be nephew (Colton Sutton) is participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life with the rest of his classmates in the Frost ISD. This kid is quite a trooper, born premature with a variety of life threatening issues and more than his fair share of bad luck – Colton has already spent more time in hospitals and has more surgical scars than many people will in a lifetime. He is living proof that miracles can happen. Your donation can help make more miracles happen.

Show him the money!

I know times are tough for many people right now, but if you are reading this, I know you can spare a few dollars for a donation and a stamp. Pull out your checkbook and start writing, every donation helps. If that warm & fuzzy feeling you get from donating to a great cause is not enough, I’ll be randomly selecting the name of someone that sends a check sponsoring Colton, they will receive a free Down & Dirty SEO Site Review – a $249 value.

UPDATE: Kate Morris (@katemorris), an amazing PPC Expert has offered the following:

To sweeten the pot, I’ll add a PPC account review. Limited to one Google AdWords account. I’ll review keyword choices, match types, bids, ad copy, destination urls (landing pages), and other settings like budget and geotargeting. I’ll give you some suggestions on the items above that I think will increase conversions and better target your end user.

UPDATE: Simon Salt (@incslinger), a excellent Web Content expert has offered the following:

A free review of the copy on the winners website. He’ll review it for call to action, message impact, easy of contact, length etc and provide a report on how you could improve it.

IF you send a check and are interested in winning the SEO, PPC and content review, please send an email to and let me know.

Before May 10th, 2009, please send your checks made out to “American Cancer Society” to:

Frost ISD
Attention: Sharon Bowling
C/O Colton Sutton
208 North Wyrick
Frost, Texas 76641

After May 10th – Please send donations directly to the American Cancer Society.

Thank you!

What’s YOUR Cancer connection?

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4 Responses

  1. 1
    Kim  //

    Kids are great, aren’t they! My two sons are also participating in Relay For Life on an “all kids” team in Saginaw, Texas.

    They’ve been recycling aluminum cans to raise money. Please check out their blog when you have time.

    Good luck to Colton! I hope he exceeds his goal.

  2. 2
    brian  //

    Great post, sorry to hear about all of your connections to Cancer, but great to see you, and the inspiring Colton, doing something about it.

  3. Good luck to Colton. You must be so proud!

    My mother passed away when I was 26. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer three short years before her passing.