• Monday, November 17th, 2008

Tell people what to search for

Is your Web site full of great content that nobody knows to search for?  Are your products getting great reviews that aren’t being seen by your potential customers?  How do you get this great information in front of your readers and potential customers?  The answer may be easier than you think.  If people aren’t searching for what you want them to – just tell them what to search for.  Seriously.

Fujitsu Print Ad - Search Box Close up

Fujitsu Print Ad - Search Box Close up

Fujitsu did it, and did it quite well in a recent print ad for one of their scanners. The ad could have given quotes from several reviews, but then we may have suspected them of only listing the good ones (I know I always suspect that of advertisers).  They could have listed dozens of tech specs or told us why the marketing department thinks we will love it.  All of the things that appear in ordinary print ads.

Don’t be Ordinary

Fujitsu didn’t do any of the “ordinary” things because they knew there is already a wealth of great content on the Web.  What they needed was a way for us – their potential customers – to find it.

The top section of the ad (shown at right) was a very large call to action “Search this:” and then in a generic looking search box was the exact phrase they wanted us to search for: “fujitsu scansnap scanner s300 reviews.”

As I started typing the phrase into the Google search box an interesting thing happened.  It guessed what I was going to type, exactly!  That tells me that lots and lots of people had already done that exact same search.

When the search page loads, as expected there are hundreds of links to product reviews.  Not surprisingly, there are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads for the scanners as well – both by Fujitsu and several others.

Is the campaign a success?  Only the numbers can tell us the final result, but I think they are off to a fantastic start.

What do you think?

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    tamera kremer  //

    That’s an incredibly innovative & smart approach Jack – thanks for pointing me to this! Hopefully Fujitsu will share results/ case study on how this blend of print/ digital works as a campaign.