• Thursday, October 16th, 2008

A few weeks ago I wrote an article asking “What Twitter Name Should Jack Use?” I wanted your help in deciding whether or not to change my Twitter name from @web_guy to @JackLeblond.  While the concensus was by far in favor of the change, there were a few folks with a valid reasoning to leave it alone.

I decided to follow the majority of advice, switched over a few days later and never looked back.

Today while attending the eMarketing seminar at InnoTech Austin, my decision was proven to be the right one – multiple times.

I was fortunate enough to actually meet several people from my tweet stream, and a few more that follow people that follow me.  The spark of recognition when I introduced my self was obvious.  I have no doubt in my mind that had I stayed with @web_guy on twitter, those people I met today would have had no clue who I was.  Yes, we may have figured it out eventually, but that immediate recognition helped to jump start conversations because we already (sort of) knew each other.

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    Mike Mueller  //

    Jack – I originally had “@BayAreaMortgage” and then added 3 others. By far, the best thing I did was settle on my name, @MikeMueller

    As a matter of fact in every Soc Med profile, I go for MikeMueller first, or an easy to identify derivative if that’s not available.

    This isn’t AOL. That cute screen name (as in LonelyGirl15) you had on AOL isn’t going to work for the modern day real estate professional.

    * and no I never had that screen name – if I remember right mine was “passmethepuck” :)

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    Jim Spencer  //

    Jack, interesting. I attend meetings where we all write our twitter handle and our names on the name badge. People definitely recognize me by my twitter handle

    I have thought seriously about switching to jimspencer and have opened the account, but I kind of like the name fairminder and other people have said that they do to.

    So, while I may not agree entirely with your overwhelming endorsement of the name change idea, I appreciate the benefit and have reserved my name and continue to enjoy using fairminder.

  4. 4
    Mico  //

    It depends on the person on how they will deal with their usernames. For me, its better to choose a username where you can easily be identified.

  5. 5
    Dave  //

    Your Twitter name should always be your own name/brand name (and shorter versions where necessary). Anything less, and you’re just asking for trouble.

  6. 6
    Bob  //

    very nice post and its very much informative..the usernames are a important part of twitter and we should check the availability before choosing.thanks for sharing