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• Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

I may be the world’s worst note taker – I always have good intentions, and as the speakers are talking everything seems so clear to me, I just jot down a few words and phrases…thinking that later I’ll remember what the hell was going on when I wrote it down. I never can remember, I should by a recorder.  This is a very brief, quick & dirty recap.  If you want more info, well – fly to Austin next time.  Just kidding – there are about 400 people in attendance, finding a detailed review should not be a problem.

Here a tweet, there a tweet, everywhere a tweet tweet

Day one of PubCon was like a huge Tweet-up.  Every session I was in somehow managed to bring it.  If the presenters didn’t then an attendee or two would ask a question about how it would apply to whatever was being discussed. I don’t know how many people were tweeting from the crowd, but #PubCon was trending on Twitter for a good part of the day, and mid afternoon the two T-1s feeding the data to the show were overwhelmed and people had a hard time getting a good connection.


• Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Keywords are the core of every search marketing campaign, paid and natural. Knowing which word combinations to focus on is like getting the perfect site for a new store, it’s all about the location. There are some locations that you need to be in and others that you need to stay far away from. Positive and negative keywords act as your locators and you want them to be as precise as possible. They are the key to the best performing online campaigns.

Positive Keywords

The first step in identifying the best positive keywords is keyword research using the tool of your choice. I personally like the free Google Keyword Tool, but some people swear by other tools. Use the terms are found on your site (Google has an option to just enter a URL and it returns related keywords) and terms you (or your client) use internally. This is the best place to START, but by far not the only thing you should do. If you have access to your clients, ask a few of them. Sometimes what is used in-house is not what real people use to search. Keep an open mind.