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• Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

While I was not one of the nut jobs Apple Enthusiasts that stayed up all night to pre-order the new iPhone 4, I did eagerly await the release of the new OS4 software update and install it the very second I was able to.  Thankfully my install was quick and painless, though not without a few surprises.

iphone os4 geotagging photo mapOne of the semi-new features is the ability to geotag your photos.  I say it’s “semi-new” because as it turns out, it’s actually been available since the OS2 update, but not everybody knew about it (more on that later).   With the release of OS4, it’s more obvious – and actually usable on the iPhone.

Geotagging your photos on the new OS4 allows the iPhone (and various other tools and websites) to sort your photos by location.  When you open the photos app, you’ll notice two icons at the bottom – “Albums” and “Places”.  Selecting “places” will provide you a map, similar to this one that I grabbed from my phone.

The level of detail at which the photos are geotagged is pretty amazing, though with the iPhones GPS capabilities, should not be all that surprising. The map I uploaded is zoomed out pretty far, but if you were to continue zooming in you would see the little dots continue to split and multiply as photos are sorted into smaller and smaller groupings based on their respective locations.  That’s cool, right?  This will be great for vacations, or events – it’ll be so much easier to upload your memories to Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket or any number of places and have them automatically tagged by location.  Welcome to the future my friends, or if you are an Orwell fan, I guess it might be the past. more…

• Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

iPhone LoveI’ve had my iPhone for about six months, and I’m always amazed by the wide range of apps available for it.  From the flat-out silly, like “fart machine” to those much more useful like Tweetie and Fandango.  It seems that no matter what your interest is, there’s an app for that.

I spent some time recently scouring the app store looking for tools that might be useful for those who want their sites to rank better on the search engines, for people interested in buying domain names, reviewing web statistics or monitoring the health of their web servers. more…