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A friend of mine on Twitter @djpaisley sent me these questions to answer as part of an interview.  I decided to post them hand post on my blog which he is also posting on his blog, Dallas SEO Blog.

  1. How long have you been working in SEO and Internet Marketing and what attracted you to it?
    I started doing web design and programming in 1994 after seeing a demo of Mosaic.  I fell in love with the web that day.  I opened my own Web design company in 1997.  As a part of our regular development processes we made sure that sites were designed with the reader in mind, followed proper guidelines for accessibility and had good structure.  In the beginning, we didn’t realize we were doing “SEO”.  We just called it building pages the right way.  After ten years of that, I decided it was time to go back to the corporate world and I accepted my current position of Director of Internet Strategy and Operations.
  2. In your opinion, what’s the measure of a good SEO/PR/Blogging professional?
    No smoke & mirrors.  Most Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science, don’t lie to people and tell them it is.  I tend to avoid anyone that says they guarantee #1 results for a good, real search phrase.
  3. Whose Blog do you read the Most?
    I always read Lisa Barone at We Build Pages.  She writes to the everyday person, does not try to sound “bigger than her britches”.  I still read Bruce Clay’s blog, not nearly as often.
  4. What’s your best “SEO secret” or blogging tactic?
    My biggest secret is…THERE ARE NO SECRETS.  I write my pages as though my reader were sitting here next to me and we were discussing the topic first hand.
  5. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter, and a lot of people predict Organic SEO services will become obsolete. How do you plan to adapt?
    See number 4 above – seriously.  I have always believed that the egg-heads at Google and elsewhere are not trying to create a more “roboty” robot.  They want bots that think and act more like people.  Create content that people enjoy and find easy to navigate and the algorithm will love you back.
  6. Please Describe the biggest challenge you face in your current job.
    We don’t sell traditional products, our corparate sites are packed with industry information.  It’s difficult to implement good metrics without having a conversion, and it’s difficult to create conversion when page views are the current favorite metric.
  7. Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in SEO or Internet Marketing, but doesn’t have a background in it, on how to get started in this field?
    Create a list of five (other) things you don’t know much about, but wish you did. Search for those things on each of the major engines.  Compare sites listed on page one to those listed on page five.  Now, try to figure out what is differant, how could you improve the lower ranked sites if you were given the chance.
  8. If you could rank for any keyword phrase you don’t currently rank for, what would it be?
    Easy, when the recruiter hired by my future employer pulls up (whetever search engine is poplular) in five or ten years and searches for “VP of Internet Strategy“, my name should be at the top of the list.
  9. Assuming you had never gone into SEO and Internet Marketing, what would you be doing now (professionally)?
    Prior to joing the Submarine service in 1985, my jobs had all been in resteraunts.  I used to dream of owning my own someday, who knows – maybe I will eventually open “Chez Jaques.”
  10. Do you have any interest in politics? (or what’s your favorite professional sports team and why? If you don’t want to do the politics thing.)
    Before moving to Texas in 2007, I served as a city councilman for a number of years in the small town I lived in.  I believe that local politics is very important, I believe it has a more direct impact on the daily lives people than the over-inflated nation politicians.
    As for sports, I’m a born Red Sox fan (despite the new uniform choices).  Went to games at Fenway as a kid, back when it was still affordale.  I’ve been able to see the Red Sox play in Kansas City and Dallas in the last few years.

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Thank you to @MelaniePhung for writing the questions.

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