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Jack Leblond

Jack Leblond

I grew up in the great state of Maine, summer on the beach winter on the mountains. It was a good place to be a drunken party-boy. I try to visit, but it has been too long. I hope to get back again soon.

I served 10 years in the Submarine Navy aboard USS Bluefish, SSN 675 and USS Helena, SSN 725 (HAHDF). One of my favorite things was teaching anti-submarine warfare to perspective sub skippers. I loved every minute of my time in the Navy, it’s one of the things in my life I am most proud of.

After the Navy, I lived in Iowa for 13 years. I have two beautiful daughters that are still there. I hardly see them, but we talk when we can. I love them very much.

I owned a web-design & hosting company for 10 years. It’s amazing the things you DON’T know when you decide to open your own business.   This was a great way to learn the ins & outs of building sites that both users and search engines love.  While in Iowa I taught part-time at a couple local universities and was involved in many community groups and even served a few terms on the city council. I want to do some of that again someday.

I moved to Texas in June 2007 and started a new job, a new life really. So far all is great, more like fricken amazing ;-). I have the love of an incredible woman, named Sherry.  She makes me happier than I thought was possible. We are like two pieces of the same puzzle, we just fit.

In my new position, I am the Director of Internet Strategy and Operations for the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (TG).  Among other things I manage the team that is responsible for our public and private Web sites, oversee our SEO/SEM efforts, monitor our electronic marketing and in general “think strategically”.

In my new life I am “corporate boy”, working in a cube again. OK, that part sucks…check the pics of old & new offices (coming soon) and you’ll understand how much. But…everything else is sooooo much better. I can’t begin to describe the relief. I literally have ZERO stress in my life right now…well, I’m not sure what to have for lunch today, but I’ll figure something out.

What can Jack do for you?

I can be reached vie email at:

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